The "feels like" concept

The weather forecast often includes an estimation about how a temperature feels. This is an interesting concept, which can be reused in other areas of life. A man with a long beard "feels like" an older one. A bad dish "feels like" junk. Driving a particular car model "feels like" driving another one. It's not only the package that counts, nor it's contents, but the feeling it conducts to the customer. This is an important way to bond people better to a brand.

At the closing ceremony of the winter olympic games in Vancouver 2010 many people almost cried, some were even angry, because of their strong connection to something that was to disappear. These emotions made people identify with the olympic games.

Users of websites also have strong emotions. The term user experience refers to their feelings. The role bound with it can't be simply assigned to a specific person on a team—it's a responsibility of all members. They must test and use a site over a period of time to determine how it feels, before they put it online.

The website Speak Visual by NVIDIA provides a great user experience. Every speaker, every music theme, every alternation between music and speech is presented consistently. Navigation is simple—to hear the designer's speech, we click on a box and to view their work, we tilt the box to see the list of designers. "Feels like" the perfect experience.