Dependencies rule our lives

Dependencies quietly rule our lives and determine our subjective level of freedom. They channel our thinking into specific habitual patterns that conquer our beliefs and actions. Even if we are physically free, we are constantly manipulated by what happens around us and this determines who we become. This dependency kills us quietly to fit us into the surrounding doctrine. We become its by-product.

Our workplace

Things we do


All people around us—friends, relatives, parents, strangers— influence us more or less. Accepting what they say makes us dependent on their thoughts. Questioning everything we hear allows for a less biased mind. What we accept as truth has an impact on our belief system. We become dependent on the people we speak with.



Everyday things

Addictive things

Addictive things like coffee, tea, Coca-Cola, cigarettes, chocolate, alcohol, drugs, gambling and others make us crave for more and ruin our health and lives. They fog our mind and make us more aggressive. Once we get dependent, we can hardly control our behavior.

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