Advertisements and websites

Some websites still overuse advertisements. I came to a well-known news site that previously had a clean design, but is a messy mix of advertisements, text and images now. The four disturbing animations made it almost impossible for me to read anything on the page. So was born the idea for this post.

Since online newspapers use advertising as an income source, in a recession they would provide even more advertisements and less news. Ads consume valuable screen space, increase page weight and CPU utilization, give the user less options in a given amount of time. Banners and flash animations also catch our attention first, before we can look at the news. This imposes a barrier like when we click two times to enter a flash site—first on "Skip intro" and then on "Enter",—which I also saw lately.

Advertising is profitable and many of the biggest companies that use it in their revenue model prove it. Because online campaigns are cheaper than the ones in print or other media, many advertisers went to explore the possibilities of getting rich quickly—burdening the web with terrible ads. The user experience was the first that was negatively affected. Because advertising plays such an important role, it could be almost said that it makes the web possible. If people couldn't monetize what they do online, they would quickly lose interest to do anything. So in a way a site without ads threatens to become almost like a PC without electricity. No ads—no site. This a clear dependency like between a lender and a borrower. Which takes me to the point that crisis came to the web now.