Deserving place and space

The reason a stone weights on its place is that it pushes the soil persistently over time until it is weak enough to offer him a protective trench from the winds and rivers that might try to blow or wash him away. In order to stick, this stone applied G = m.g consistently in just a single spot of the endless land and over time came to deserve its place. He left the nature around him change, but didn't allow nature to change him. While pushing, new grass and flowers were growing and withering, offering him even more protection. He didn't allow even the smallest vegetation where he is, but defended its place tirelessly.

A place and space have to be deserved. We can't pretend to have changed our nature by simply changing our place. It's not simply going to a place that makes us deserve it. We can't go to a place; we have to find our place. It's better to strive to come to our place than it is to go and never find it. Going to a place is often more about finding ways to avoid the strong opposing winds than it is to really stick. This puts us in a very unbalanced position—one that is very easy to lose and very hard to deserve. If we are a sum of our influences, then it is not clear why we think we can simply undo these influences with a magic wand by exposing ourselves to new ones. New experiences can merely add to who we are, but they can't fundamentally change us. By thinking that we have changed, we might be luring ourselves.

One way to mark our spot is through the work we have done. By simply knowing who we are and what we stand for. Now. Not in the hope of the future or the intention of the last month. Who we want to become has yet to happen and the effect of it will be seen long after we have pushed enough for it to become slightly visible. We can't leave finding who we are to the chance of a particular place or circle of friends.

Even the best tennis players need to deserve their place in the ranking every day. Even the best managers have to deserve their employees every day. Even we have to deserve our place every day. Not just for the satisfaction we get out of it, but because that place wouldn't be the same without us.