Web design is more than simply creating a website. It is an instrument for meaning creation and positive impact on other people's lives.

Minimal design often works best. Everything we add increases the burden on the base that holds it. Removing all extras until we approach minimalism leads to greater understanding of what we do.

The scope of web projects can be large. This may require attention to many small details, which are beyond the perception of any single person. Therefore, best designs are often the ones that are born in intensive collaboration.

It is both a mistake to believe that a web designer can't be a great programmer and that a programmer can't be a great designer. In the first case, we shouldn't forget that the software itself needs to be constantly redesigned. Having a design lens during development is a necessity, not just good-to-have. In the second case, visual tools for data exploration help to examine the state of the data continuously, which in turn can improve the speed of development. In order to understand an algorithm, a programmer may need to decide what would be the most appropriate way to visualize it in action. In order to support designers and create a more efficient software, a programmer needs to know the type of shapes/forms they would like to create and implement the right mathematical formulas to express them. In all these cases, the programmer has to start thinking like a designer. It helps more to switch to the right role at the appropriate moment than to stick to a rigid job title definition.

Visual design is not only in the beautiful, but also in the invisible.

It is not limited to the look and feel of websites. Posters, ads, pictures, photos, book covers, presentations, animations all have elements of visual design. Drawing attention to certain areas while deemphasizing others is just one small idea. Having a balance between the visual and technological is what allows us to arrive at more harmonic results.

dummerAugust combines knowledge from the areas of web and visual design to help people reach their goals.